Interactions Between Physics and Dynamics of Solar System Bodies

Interactions Between Physics and Dynamics of Solar System Bodies PDF Author: E. Bois
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401119023
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 414

Book Description
Fans of "Asterix the Gallic" know well that the only fear of people in Brittany is that the sky falls upon their head. So it must have been a shock for them (the fans of Asterix) to learn that a horde of Physicists and Dynamicists (some of them being actually Roman - ils sont fous ces Romains!) invaded the bay of Saint-Brieuc and spend a full week conjuring all the nastiness that the sky has in reserve, revelling in the horrors hidden beyond the blue dome; they talked with delight about "asteroids", "comets" and "meteor streams"; they grinned at the idea of "artificial satellites", these pots and pans of space always ready to fall upon you; some of them said strange things about the Moon, the planets, and evoked the "rings" of Saturn or of some other of their gods. One evening, a Roman from Pisa went as far as cornering some inhabitants in the large hut they used for their witchcraft and filled them with terror by describing the fate of the poor dinosaurs victims of a particularly nasty asteroid (or was it a comet?). You will be surprized to learn that Bretons did not exact a spectacular revenge for these offenses. On the contrary.

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