Romans PDF Author: Jack Cottrell
Publisher: College Press
ISBN: 9780899002477
Category : Bible
Languages : en
Pages : 568

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The Kraken Slayer

The Kraken Slayer PDF Author: Damon Stentz
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465378464
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 348

Book Description
The Kraken Slayer takes place in a time and place similar to early 19th century America. The main characters live on the New Continent, which is divided into four political Clans. Although they are supposed to be united as one nation, the Clans harbor so must mistrust and hatred for one another that they act as nations unto themselves. Skipper, the main protagonist, lives in a tavern called The Silver Dolphin, which is located in Harbor Town. Harbor Town is the port district for the city of Nefron, which is the capital for the Clan Nefron. Nefron is the largest and most powerful of the four Clans and is ruled by its military. Despite keeping a tight grip on its lands, Nefron is experiencing difficulty with controlling piracy on the high seas. The piracy epidemic is so severe that sea commerce has come to a standstill. Nowhere is the economic impact felt harder than in Harbor Town, where sea trade, fishing, and whaling are vital industries. Although Skipper is a teenage runaway making a living as a fighter for money, he has very little interest or knowledge of the events around him until he meets up with Elsan Tanneman, an idealistic sea captain and master shipwright. Tanneman believes he has the answer to Harbor Town’s woes: a new kind of ship, not simply made of wood, but armored with iron plating to withstand all but the most severe barrages of cannon fire. Tanneman has contracted with the Navy to build a fleet of these armored ships, but he is secretly building another ship which is larger and even more heavily armored. He tells Skipper of this ship one night after watching Skipper win one of his fights. He also tells Skipper why he built it: he wants to hunt for krakens, which most people believe are myths. He wants to slay one and bring its body back as proof of its existence. He claims his late brother once saw one of these great beasts, just before it destroyed the ship he was on and killed every other soul on board, leaving him as the sole survivor. Tanneman wants Skipper to join him on his kraken hunt because he senses in the young man the ability to conquer any obstacle that confronts him; but Skipper finds Tanneman to be too eccentric and declines the offer. That night, however, would not be the last time that the two meet. Eventually Skipper’s and Tanneman’s lives become intertwined by the social, economic, and political forces surrounding them. As Harbor Town decays further, even erupting in a race riot between Whites (white-skinned humans) and Drogs (massive grey-skinned natives of the New Continent) Skipper joins forces with Tanneman and helps him complete his giant ship with the aid of others. Tanneman has many recently-released convicts working for him as cheap labor. Some are friendly, and some are not so friendly. There’s Jervis and Bob, who become good friends with Skipper, and then there’s Chet and Deech, a pair whom Skipper never liked from the first time he met them. There’s also Luther, a Drog who mostly keeps to himself, but Skipper remembers him from the night of the riot. Tanneman has a few trustworthy old salts who have been working for him for years, like his gruff first mate Roscoe, the boatswain Berry, and the brothers Vorstaf and Brostor, two gentlemen from the faraway city of Shaanheim. The brothers haven’t been back to Shaanheim in thirty years because of the rampant piracy that has prevented them from crossing the Great Ocean; but they hope that this new ship of Tanneman’s will be the impregnable fortress that finally gets them home. Tanneman has working for him Dr. Morten Fry, an ousted marine biologist from the academic Clan Welberg. Fry also believes krakens exist and has developed a number of theories about their behavior and their physiology. Exiled from Clan Welberg for preaching pseudoscience, he and Tanneman naturally came together in the joint endeavor to dispel all myths and superstitions surrounding krakens. Finally, Skipper meets Sara Tanneman, E

Isaiah 1-39

Isaiah 1-39 PDF Author: Walter Brueggemann
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 1611644879
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 325

Book Description
In this volume, Walter Brueggemann writes on Isaiah 1-39, which many scholars believe had a single author, Isaiah, of the eighth century BCE, who wrote in the context of the Assyrian empire between 742 and 701. Books in the Westminster Bible Companion series assist laity in their study of the Bible as a guide to Christian faith and practice. Each volume explains the biblical book in its original historical context and explores its significance for faithful living today. These books are ideal for individual study and for Bible study classes and groups.

Disease and Representation

Disease and Representation PDF Author: Sander L. Gilman
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 1501745808
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 347

Book Description
Sander L. Gilman, whose pioneering work on the history of stereotypes has become a model for scholars in many fields, here examines the images that society creates of disease and its victims.

Freedom in the Fight

Freedom in the Fight PDF Author: Jonathan Copeland
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1973642417
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 112

Book Description
Today’s world can feel like a prison for many Christian men. Everywhere there are temptations and traps, and we can find ourselves bound by the sinful lusts of the flesh. Yet finding freedom in the fight requires a desire to know and cherish the true God of the Bible. In Freedom in the Fight, author Jonathan Copeland heralds the gospel over the darkness of pornography, proclaiming the life-giving difference between trying harder and pursuing rest in Christ’s perfect work on the cross. Ultimately, the goal is for men to walk away from pornography and to know that they are not alone, that they are loved, that they are forgiven, and that there is no sin with more power than the cross of Christ. Christ knows our struggles, and he still went to the cross for us. For his atoning blood on the cross, there is now freedom in our fight against temptation and sexual immorality. This is where true freedom is found, and the gospel is what will give us the legs we need to walk away from pornography. “Desiring God in the truth of the Word of God is your greatest tool against the enemy.”

Shadow of the Storm (Out From Egypt Book #2)

Shadow of the Storm (Out From Egypt Book #2) PDF Author: Connilyn Cossette
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441230491
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 352

Book Description
In the Depth of the Storm's Shadow, Only Truth Can Light Her Way Having escaped Egypt with the other Hebrews during the Exodus, Shira is now living in freedom at the foot of Mt. Sinai, upon which rests the fiery glowing Cloud containing the shekinah glory of God. When the people disobey Yahweh and build a golden idol, the ensuing chaos gives Shira an unexpected opportunity to learn the arts of midwifery. Although her mother wishes for her to continue in the family weaving trade, Shira's gifts shine brightest when she assists with deliveries. In defiance of her mother, Shira pursues her heart's calling to become an apprentice midwife. When a delivery goes horribly wrong, Shira finds herself bound to a man who betrayed her, the caretaker of three young children, and the target of a vengeful woman whose husband was killed by Shira's people, the Levites. As contention between the Hebrew tribes and the foreigners fans the flames of another dangerous rebellion, Shira will come face-to-face with the heartbreak of her past that she has kept hidden for so long. How can she let go of all that has defined her to accept the love she's denied herself and embrace who she truly is?

In Control

In Control PDF Author: Thomas Henderson
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9780975989005
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 388

Book Description
In the follow-up to the shattering bestseller Out of Control; Confessions of an NFL Casualty, former Dallas Cowboys star Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson shares the story of his recovery from the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. He has been clean and sober for over 20 years and has not had a drink or done any drugs since November 8, 1983. In Control takes readers from Henderson's 1986 prison release to his current life as a community activist, philanthropist, and distributor of alcohol and drug education films to prison programs and rehabilitation centers. He also discusses how his life has changed since March 22, 2000, when he won a $28 million jackpot in the Texas lottery

The Spectacle of Criminal Justice

The Spectacle of Criminal Justice PDF Author: Rosie Smith
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1839828226
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 160

Book Description
Delving into how institutions of justice, as well as public expressions of justice, such as rage and grief, are played out in the media, Smith helps us understand how this represents a shift away from historical community displays of punishment towards a media sanitised public engagement with the implementation of control and justice.

Totalitarianism and Political Religions

Totalitarianism and Political Religions PDF Author: Michael Schäfer
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780714685298
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 428

Book Description
This book shows how new models by which to understand political history arose from the experience of modern despotic regimes. Here, the totalitarianism and political religions - are discussed and tested in terms of their usefulness.

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays PDF Author: Thomas Carlyle
Category : English literature
Languages : en
Pages : 375

Book Description