The Entrepreneur's Information Sourcebook

The Entrepreneur's Information Sourcebook PDF Author: Susan C. Awe
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1598847872
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 305

Book Description
For 21st-century entrepreneurs, this book provides the practical guidance they need to overcome the often intimidating challenges of starting, organizing, and running a new business effectively and efficiently. The economic downturn has many individuals considering going into business for themselves, rather than relying on an employer for their income. Unfortunately, according to data from the Small Business Administration, the odds of long-term success are against them: 69 percent of businesses do not last past seven years and 56 percent fail in less than four. This book provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive guide to the resources they need or will likely want to consult when starting a small business—and in order to stay profitable over the long run. The Entrepreneur's Information Sourcebook: Charting the Path to Small Business Success, Second Edition provides the expert guidance and up-to-date print and web resources an entrepreneur may need to make his business thrive and grow, from inception and information gathering, to raising capital, to marketing methods and human resource concerns. Nearly half of the resources in this newly updated book are new, and the essays have also been updated to reflect current business practices. This book is an essential tool that provides quick and easy access to the information every small business owner needs.

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